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How It All Started

Meet Jack.

The CopayCutters Story

Jack was a whiz. He went to the best schools in the country and, after graduation, found himself working in healthcare. Jack was really good at his job, and eventually he ran hospitals, surgery centers, labs, and diagnostic testing companies.

But everything wasn’t perfect. You see, although Jack was meeting all kinds of success, he hated seeing how patients kept getting bigger and bigger bills for their care. Jack hated telling patients what they had to pay, especially since he knew they couldn’t afford it. What’s more, it was getting worse and worse every year.

Jack knew there had to be a better option. He understood how things like deductibles, copays, and coinsurance all connected. He could wrap his head around why bills were so high, and he also knew that some patients couldn’t actually pay such high bills, while others didn’t necessarily have to. What’s more, Jack knew how to handle the paperwork to get those bills reduced.

What if Jack could use all his years running hospitals and surgery centers to help patients review and negotiate their bills? He had the network, and he had the experience. It would be a win-win for everyone! So Jack established CopayCutters.

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The CopayCutters Process







We’ll Call You Today

During your first phone call with our team, we’ll collect more information about your medical bill and financial situation. We’ll also gather your explicit permission to reach out to your healthcare providers to review and adjust your bill. All of your questions will be answered and we’ll provide you with contact information if anything should come up and you need our support.

We Call Your Provider & Pursue Adjustments To Your Bill

The CopayCutters team will begin calling your provider and collecting information about their financial assistance programs and other adjustments you may qualify for. We’ll submit the appropriate paperwork to take advantage of all potential savings and payment plan options.

We’ll Show You The Options

A member of the CopayCutters team will reach out to schedule a second phone call. On this call, we will present the discount and payment options that resulted from our discussions with your provider. You can choose your course of action, and we confirm everything with your provider.

We’ve Made It Easy To Save On Your Medical Bills

We handle all of the details throughout the CopayCutters Process. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let us pursue adjustments on your behalf. To get started, click the button below to receive your Free Instant Bill Review.

Get Started Instantly With CopayCutters

Just click the button to get your Free Instant Bill Review, and within 60 seconds you’ll know whether your bill qualifies for CopayCutters review. If it does, a member of our team will reach out to you personally to gather more information and begin reaching out to your healthcare provider.