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Medical Bills Piling Up? Let Us Step In.

Did you receive an outrageously high medical bill and wonder how on earth it could be so expensive? It’s estimated that over 80% of medical bills contain mistakes that lead to you being overcharged.

Our team can review your bills and find you savings. It’s free to try and we only get paid if we save you money.

Is your bill in collections? Our team specializes in collections cases.

The Life

Of A Medical Bill

Your medical bill went through a long process before it arrived at your doorstep.

DAY 1:

The day you received medical care, your provider quickly wrote down notes for your chart. Later on, someone else completely different (and often times in a completely different office) tried to interpret those notes into services you received so they could create a bill for your insurance. This is often where mistakes are made.

DAY 7:

Your insurance company negotiated the rate down from your provider and agreed to cover a certain percentage of your bill as long as you’ve met your deductible. Mistakes can happen here too if the bill was coded wrong and the insurance isn’t sure if the service was part of your plan.

DAY 21:

Your healthcare provider receives payment from your insurance company for your medical care. In an effort to collect the remainder of their full bill amount, they sent you the bill you currently owe, which needs to be PAID IN FULL.

You just assume that’s what you owe and are stuck with the bill. Call Co-pay Cutters.We will scrub through your bill and see what’s not quite right and even uncover need based assistance or more manageable payment terms. Medical bills can be messy and confusing. Let us help.

What Your Bill

Doesn’t Tell You

Up to 80% of medical bills contain errors.1

Your healthcare bill goes through a lot of stages before it’s created. Along the way there are many places where mistakes can be made which lead to a bill higher than you can pay. Common mistakes are unbundling of codes, miscoding, or billing for procedures not even received.

Our team of experts reviews your bill for mistakes to get a lower corrected bill created. Even if there aren’t mistakes, many providers offer financial hardship programs. Our team can help complete the rigorous paperwork necessary to get you approved. Our model is success-based, so our team only gets paid if you receive a lower bill.

You’ll never know unless you try

Don’t pay off your medical bill until you’ve requested your Free Instant Bill Review on this website. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to determine whether your bill qualifies for adjustment. It could mean the difference between paying your bill in full or saving hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Is your bill in collections? Our team specializes in collections cases.

If you don’t save money,
it’s free!

CopayCutters is based on a percentage of savings fee.

We only get paid when you save money on your bill, so there’s zero risk in reaching out and having us review and adjust your bill! If we find out later that your bill isn’t negotiable, our services are complimentary.

It's easy to get started with Copay Cutters

Just click the button to get your Free Instant Bill Review, and within 60 seconds you’ll know whether your bill qualifies for CopayCutters negotiation. If it does, a member of our team will reach out to you personally to gather more information and begin reaching out to your healthcare provider.

Is your bill in collections? Our team specializes in collections cases.